Painting Mattie From My 1920’s Novel


Meet Mattie O’Keefe. She is a rollicking flapper from my 1920’s series. And if you’re wondering if this is a dress, the answer is no. It’s her chemise, an undergarment.

Today, I painted this picture using watercolor and acrylic.

The quote is from my novel.

TV Free Activities: Boxcars, Potato Heads, and Dino Hunts


Attentions Parents: I have a great book with fun activities for both you and your kids! It’s called, 365 TV-FREE ACTIVITIES YOU CAN DO WITH YOUR CHILD by Steve and Ruth Bennett. This week, my daughter and her cousin picked out a couple of them.

1. Potato Heads




2. Boxcars


We made our boxcars into Autobots!


3. Dino Hunt


I looked up the bone structure for a Brachiosaurus and created it in pieces of pipe cleaners. I hid the “bones” under sheets and pillows. After the kids found all the bones, I constructed the dinosaur.


The Creative Touch


Am I partial, absolutely, but its for good reason. Changing Thymes, located in Grandville, Michigan, recently welcomed a new booth into their store. It’s called The Creative Touch. It’s a special booth because not only are there sweet knick knacks and collectibles, but there’s a variety of handcrafted and hand painted items. Who is the painter, you ask? Her name is Cindy Overbeek. She is my mother, and I’m proud of that.

My mother has been painting for over thirty years and has traveled both in and out of state doing arts and craft shows. Her paintings cover a wide range: still-lifes, signage, realism, florals, chic, and more. The pieces also vary in size and style. Within my home, I have many of my mother’s painted pictures and furnishings.

Cindy is a gifted artist and has a sharp eye for detail. Below are current pictures from her booth. I encourage you to check out The Creative Touch today! (Located in the left wing of the building)
2900 Wilson, Grandville, Michigan 49418









Star Trek Cordero Style




This adventure was a by-product of the saying: “If there is a will, there is a way.”

My daughter announced today that she would like a spaceship. “Okay,” I said and rummaged through the pile of boxes in our basement for a large one.

Thus our creation began. It wasn’t too hard. We used: a box, clear tape, wire, a barbie doll table, stickers, markers, and glitter paint.

Our star fleet spacecraft turned out pretty good. I have patted myself on the back.



Princess Elsa Joined Bella for a Trip Into Space!



Country Chic

My New Kitchen Decor

Since I’ve embraced my farm girl passion, I’ve begun to redecorate my home. Pinterest and Country Sampler magazines have given me a vast gamut of ideas, which revolve around my love of chickens, farm landscapes, plaid, and antiques.

As I searched for the perfect pieces, a light bulb clicked on inside my head. I should have some items custom designed. I’m very close to a talented local artist named Cindy Overbeek. She’s a phenomenal painter, and I knew she’d give me a great deal. You might be wondering who is this woman…let me clarify.

She’s my mom.

That’s right! The artist is my beautiful mother. I’m a very lucky girl.

I told my mom what I wanted for my kitchen, and she worked her magic. I now possess a variety of lovely things all with a stamp of originality.

Painted Milk Can by Cindy Overbeek. My Cat Henry Thought He Needed to Be in the Photo.
Closer Image of the Barn and Farm Scene Painted With Acrylics
Watering Can That Sits on Corner Shelf

I’m so grateful for my mother, and I feel privileged to have her handiwork in my home. She’s terrific, not only in art, but also in deed. She’s a generous and wonderful woman of God. I love you, Mom. You’re the best!

A Large View