West Palm Beach Tour: Fifth Stop…The Ocean

The magnitude of the ocean, and the endless roll of waves is beautiful. Florida has majestic beaches. Gray and white sand mixes with shards of sea shells, and the water looks like tiers of aqua. The warm breeze carries the smell of salt and seaweed, and the waves rev up to a loud roar before dissipating upon the shore.

My sister-in-law told me that her favorite sound at the beach is when waves wash over clusters of shells, making them tinkle like chimes. It amazes me how nature makes its own music, and it reminds me of how genius God is.

West Palm Beach overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.

The moment I stepped barefoot on the sand, I felt my soles instantly tingle and a second later, the burn set in. Yes, flip-flops are a must on the Florida sand.

When we arrived at the beach, we checked to see what flag was flying. Based on the level of water danger/hazards, a certain color flag will be hoisted on a pole to tell the swimmers what to expect. Red is high level of hazards, yellow is medium or moderate, and green represents a low degree of dangers. On the days we visited the beach, the flag was yellow. The hazards listed on the park’s board were shore break waves, rip currents, and seaweed. We didn’t mind a little bit of roughness. The waves were fun, and we even managed to snorkel!

Bathtub Beach in Stuart, FL