Fashioned Perfect


I wrote this poem in honor of my nephew, Levi.

Fashioned Perfect

You are fashioned and formed
In a seamless, perfect way
I see no syndrome
I see no flaw
I know you are perfect
Fashioned by the hands of a loving God

He sees you as perfect
Whole, without blemish
Beauty on the out and beauty within
No syndrome could ever fade or dim

You are whole, you are perfect
Eyes alight that greet the day
A smile that makes the troubles fade
With strength unmatched
You defeat the odds
Your life shines as an example
That nothing, no nothing is impossible

My love, you are perfect
Whole in every way
Fashioned and formed
Seamless always

Levi might have MECP2 Duplication Syndrome, but it doesn’t define him. In the same way that God has fashioned him perfect, God has also fashioned you perfect. You have been formed by the hands of a loving God.