Tiny the Silver Bell

On Tuesday, during the Moms and Tots story time, I shared my original Christmas story called, “Tiny the Silver Bell.” Each time I said the word bell, the children rang the bells I had handed out. It was a blast.

Today, I share the story with you.


On the night before Christmas
There wasn’t a sound
Except for a jingle
Of Tiny, a little bell

Tiny had fallen from a sleigh
Some time ago
Lost and alone
Wishing for a family and home


She waited and waited
Tears softly fell
She shivered in the cold
Hoping someone would hear her silver bell


But then Tiny heard a noise
Coming from up high
It sounded like hundred bells ringing
Then Tiny saw why


A light appeared
On a big brown sleigh
Inside sat Santa
With a smile on his face


Strapped to the collars
Of eight reindeer
Were other silver bells
Singing for all to hear


Santa scooped up Tiny
Into his big glove
She looked into his eyes
And saw such love



He tied her to Rudolph’s red ribbon
Happy, Alive and Well
This is the Christmas Story
Of Tiny the Silver Bell