Welcome To My World of Writing

I love writing. Simply that. I just love it.

I enjoy bringing an idea to life with written words. There is something absolutely gratifying in a sentence that sings.

Writing doesn’t get old because there’s always something to tell. Something to explore. For me, writing also helps me sort through my own hardships and challenges.

Join me on my writing journey. Here I’ll share tips, tricks, and things I’ve learned or am learning along the way. Also, you’ll get a front row seat to the crazy stories I’m dreaming up.


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About Me

Hi, I’m Catie Cordero. I’m a diversely published author—including my historical 1920’s fiction series Ramble and Roar and Marvel and Mayhem, children’s booksand magazine publications. In addition, I work as copywriter for businesses, helping their brands/services come to life through words. I live in West Michigan with my husband and two children. I love hiking, travel, and a good cup of coffee.

Let’s hang out!