Spring, Deconstruction of Faith, Dreams, and Birds Chirping

It’s been a hot minute since I’ve blogged. (Not due to a lack of writing though. I’ve been busy writing copy for amazing clients.) 

Winter has stretched on in Michigan like endless days of clouds and cold. I’ve worked in my office downstairs, coming up for air to eat and go about life’s routine. Day passes into next day. Feeling pretty much the same. 

Then one day, the birds sang outside. That drew my eyes from my screen. That beautiful cue that Spring is coming. Such a lovely sound that says yes, sunshine will follow. 

I don’t know why but Spring feels a bit more exciting this year. Could be that we feel like we’re finally getting on the other side of the pandemic. Could be that we left our former church and embarked on a deconstruction of faith. Could be that my husband and I have been on a risky adventure of chasing dreams. Could be that I just NEED it. Whatever the case, I welcome Spring. I welcome new growth, new life, new opportunities. 

Cue the birds.

3 thoughts on “Spring, Deconstruction of Faith, Dreams, and Birds Chirping

  1. Faith had gotten really rough,
    and church, it gave no answer
    ’till I got going with the tough,
    and I found God in cancer.
    It sounds obscure, or really weird,
    it sounds just like a missing mind,
    but when hope left the Lord appeared
    to help me seek and find
    that answer past the red Corvette,
    beyond the writing dreams,
    the word that I’m not finished yet
    no matter how it seems,
    that there is yet a job to do,
    that there’s a purpose up the blue.

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